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Personal Readings Witchcraft Medusa Gothic
Personal Readings Witchcraft Medusa Gothic
Personal Readings Witchcraft Medusa Gothic
Personal Readings Witchcraft Medusa Gothic
Personal Readings Witchcraft Medusa Gothic
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Personal Readings

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    Explore options and guidance with the help of experienced practitioners across various divinatory trades.

    Each booking reserves a 45min session with the reader that includes any initial intention setting and discussion as well as the reading itself, all taking place in our thematic tarot room located at the back of the store.

    Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment so your reading can begin promptly.

    *If you would like to pay cash, you are welcome to select Alternative Payment Methods: Pay In-Store and we can ring you up when you arrive.

    Wickett Hertzler (they/them) - Tarot Reader

    Hello! I'm Wickett, a serpent at Medusa Gothic who's been reading tarot for about 7 years now. In that time I've developed a personal style of reading that involves stacking the cards narratively instead of using traditional spreads. I take a more freeform approach to reading tarot, following my intuition as the conversation with the cards develops naturally. We begin with discussing what you'd like to focus on to whatever extent feels comfortable as I shuffle to give us a starting point for the story we'll be uncovering through the cards. If you have any questions you're welcome to come find me in store or send an email to addressed to me. I'm happy to chat tarot and see if I'm a good fit for the reading you need so please reach out if you feel so inclined!

    Brittany (she/her) - Runecasting

    Brittany is an accomplished witch, having written many academic works revolving around witchcraft, medical anthropology and reconstructive archaeologic witchcraft practices. She is well versed in Norse paganism and Irish-Celtic polytheism, and is an anthropologist familiar with many worldly religions and belief systems. Her goal is provide readings through traditional runecasting practices bringing to light challenges facing the individual and forging a path forward.

    Alexei Finch (he/him) - Tarot and Astrology

    I'm a divinator with over a decade of experience in tarot, astrology, both Eastern and Western numerology, and various other methods of getting in touch with the higher planes. I combine this knowledge base to give readings at an incredible level of depth, and I'll explain each card's connection to various signs, planets, numerological associations, and more. My tarot readings are interactive, we'll sit together and you'll pull the cards yourself, and by the end of the reading you'll have a clear map of what messages the cards are trying to bring you.

    Amanda Rose Adams (she/her) - Tarot Reader

    Amanda Rose Adams, owner of NoCo Tarot and Intuitive Arts has been reading Tarot for about 8 years. She is also the founder of Greeley Ghost Tours and loves teaching and connecting with people. She's a natural empath who wants to help you be seen and see yourself in your reading. You can also use your booking for tutoring and training as Amanda offers classes and has taught private and publicly including at the High Plains Library district. If you bought a tarot deck or have one you want to learn how to you, you can bring it to your reading for instruction and to ask questions.

    Please note:

    This listing is for readings by appointment with the reader you select based on their availability. Drop-in readings are offered by Wickett in store on some Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 4:30pm and 6:30pm on a first come, first serve basis for the same rate listed here.